Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia is a non profit, non sectarian Buddhist Organization that facilitates those who would like to learn and practice dhamma through activities such as Dhammatalk,Dhamma through music, Businesstalk, Monthly Inspiring Sunday, Community Service Programs, Meditation Retreats and Pilgrimage to Holy Place. BFI also organise non profit charity program called Pintu Belajar, with a sincere vision to improve the standard of education for underprivileged children around Indonesia.

For regeneration, BFI has appointed new board of committees and would like to welcome the new President Lenie Choe and Vice President Reny Ong. May all fellows and friends continue to support us so BFI can always give the positive and meaningful impacts.

We also welcome anyone who is interested to become our member of committees and volunteers, which through BFI we can learn together, contribute and grow upward in Dhamma eventhough living in the modern troublesome era. Please kindly contact us at volunteer@buddhistfellowship.or.id

May All Beings Be Well and Happy,

Lenie Choe   –   Reny Ong

President          Vice President  of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia